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InPrivate Browsing on Windows 8 Phone

InPrivate Browsing

Windows Phone 8.1 has Internet Explorer 11 built in and with IE 11 there is now the ability to browse the internet without having the phone record data on the sites that you visit through what Microsoft calls InPrivate Browsing.  According to Microsoft: InPrivate browsing helps prevent Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session. […]

Windows Phone 8 Error 80C805E2

Error 80c805e2

All of the sudden yesterday my phone started giving the 80C805E2 error and indicating that it couldn’t synchronize my to the Exchange server.  Outlook on my Surface and my Windows 7 PC in the office were synchronizing properly and I could seem my mailbox via webmail so I new the Exchange server was working properly and that this was an issue […]