Tablets aren’t the ‘third device’ I’d hoped for

I’ve always been intrigued by the iPad and other slate/tablet devices out there.  I’ve often considered buying one, but I can never figure out for what I would use them and how they would help me in my everyday life, so I’ve never been able to justify a $700+ price tag.  I love gadgets and technology, but I’m also not big on wasting time and money  and these set of devices just dont seem practical with their limited functionlity, throttled back power, lack of keyboards, etc.

Today I was getting caught up on all of my Engadget news and found this editorial called “tablets aren’t the ‘third device’ I’d hoped for… from a productivity standpoint, anyway“.  The author hit the nail on the head – this is exactly how I feel about the devices.  They’re cool and neat, but not really all that useful [for me].

My friends at Real Computer Solutions tell me that there is a new Windows 7 tablet coming out soon.  Maybe I’ll get one of those and post a review!

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